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Welcome to the first step in your journey to financial freedom.

Midum is a bookkeeping and business consulting firm. We use our software and technology smarts to not only get your finances on track, but to keep it simple and organized throughout the process.
That means no more incoherent filing systems, entire closets full of paperwork, or a mound of receipts to sort through during tax season.
Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what we can help you achieve:

Personal Financial Freedom

Finances are a touchy subject. Whether you made an ill-informed decision when you were younger or you have no idea where you’re headed, it’s difficult to place a finger on exactly what “financial freedom” is, because it’s so different for everyone. We’re here to help you figure out what financial freedom means to you.

Personal budgeting
Financial goal setting
Debt repayment planning
Document management
Daily Money Management

Small Business Coordination

We already know how it is as a small business owner—you’re wearing about 10 too many hats. Yet taking your business to the next level is right around that corner of P&Ls, payroll, and invoices.

Everything in Personal Financial Freedom
Account management

Corporate Financial Management

Any great business knows that numbers and data level the playing field on decisions. Having an organized, efficient system for managing financial planning is a cornerstone of growth—and having an in-house accounting team just adds another head to payroll. Instead of adding to your costs, let’s manage them.

Everything in Small Business Organization
Strategic financial planning
Employee compliance
Travel and mileage tracking

If you’re like the majority of Americans, your finances stress you out.

But you’re not alone. With Midum behind you, you’ve got a personal financial professional to not only manage what you’ve got on your plate now, but to help you plan for the future. Whether that’s a new vacation or a weekly latte budget—we’ve got a system that will get you situated.

And that system sets us apart.

"Midum not only set me up with a viable financial pathway, they gave me the tools to execute it."

— Sarah Katari, Owner of Katari Creative

Here's how it works

Step #1

Set your top 3 financial goals.

Step #2

We’ll create a strategy perfect for you.

Step #3

Implement the tools and tactics, showing you what we’re doing every step of the way.

Step #4

Monthly reporting shows you the progress you’re making.

Our goal-oriented approach makes it easy to visualize your progress.

Instead of saving for no reason, we’ll create a glowing goal that’s easy to work towards. Whether that’s a much-deserved holiday, a new marketing campaign, or simply buying donuts for the crew.

Why Midum?


We’re constantly learning.

Our procedures are based on contemporary knowledge, because the most efficient systems call for modern thinking.


We value time.

No matter who you are, you’re busy. We are too, but we’d prefer to be busy helping you. Valuing time isn’t just about doing things quickly; it’s taking the time to do them right.


Software makes us stronger.

How long is a reasonable amount of time to wait for your financial statements to be processed? 1 business day? 3? With innovative technology on our side, reports of all kinds can be generated immediately.


Goals drive us forward.

We’re in the business to help you achieve your goals. By focusing on goals rather than only the task at hand, we can strive to solve bigger problems every day—for you, your company, and your community.


Simple is focusing on what’s important.

We’ve dedicated our lives to learning all the ins and outs of financial terms and jargon so you can keep your mind on growth.


We’re 100% remote.

We’re natural self-starters, and deadlines are our best friends. Working remote doesn’t mean we won’t be in contact—it just means you don’t need to worry about housing us while you’re busy building.

Ready to afford lattes every day?

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